▪   Roof Top Solar System Installation Services

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                   ▪   PV Construction Management and Consulting

                   ▪   BOS Component Optimization Support

                   ▪   Existing Roof Surveys to Determine PV Compatibility ​

                   ▪   Commercial Roofing Manufacturer Certified

                   ▪   General Contracting Expertise

                   ▪   Complete Project Bonding Capability


NEI has over 35 years of onsite Construction, Commercial Roofing and Project Management experience. We are an approved/certified installer of all Tier 1 PV Racking Manufacturers, whom we maintain strong relationships with in an effort to keep our team up to speed on all of the latest advancements in product/system design.

NEI’s construction team works closely with the Project Developers Design Engineers to ensure efficient construction in the field, and to verify the proper solution is being utilized to suit the existing facility conditions. Our construction industry experience ensures our clients will get a quality product, while maintaining the construction schedule and reducing installation costs. NEI is an industry leader in the integration of Roof Mounted PV Solar to building facilities in both the private, and public sectors.