"Who is NEI?"

NEI is a PV Solar System Installation Contractor/PV Construction Management Company, that specializes in the complete assembly and installation of Commercial/Industrial Rooftop Solar Arrays. Our experienced team of professional technicians ensure a complete, on schedule, high quality PV System installation, tailored to meet the needs of PV Project Developers, as well as Commercial and Industrial building owners. Think of NEI as the capitol “C” in EPC.

NEI employs “in-house” boots on the ground, owns the equipment needed to complete the project, and has an experienced team of project management professionals. These resources ensure we mobilize/scale quickly, which drive project schedule while maintaining the high quality our customers expect. 


-  Complete mechanical and electrical construction

-   Ability to mobilize and scale quickly

-  In-house resources to deliver on-time completion

-  Construction / Project Management 


NEI has over 35 years of onsite construction experience that enables our team to provide the most efficient installation techniques, and insures on time project completion.

Our team of installation professionals are experienced in a variety of PV racking assemblies for ground and roof mount systems.